Corporate Governance

ANPEC acts in accordance with the “Corporate Governance Best Practice Principles for TWSE/TPEx Listed Companies”, complies with relevant laws and regulations in terms of corporate governance and internal management mechanisms, and ensures transparency in operations and financial information. ANPEC strengthens the supervision and management of its operations through the Board of Directors, and sets up an audit committee and a remuneration committee to support the operation of the Board of Directors and to perform their duties.

To protect the rights and interests of shareholders, ANPEC handles shareholder-related matters through the stock agency MasterLink Securities where a spokesperson and an acting spokesperson are established for the spokesperson system. At the same time, ANPEC discloses relevant financial and corporate governance information on the MOPS website, and designates a special person for the collection and disclosure of company information to fulfill the responsibility and obligation of company information disclosure according to regulations.


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